The more you believe, the more you believe. Build imagination, creativity, and motor skills. Build wholesome people.

Develop your fantasy

The blocks don’t look like anything in and of themselves. But the moment you combine them with other blocks forms and shapes appear.

BAKOBA stimulates creativity and urges kids to explore where their next creation will take them.

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Playful learning

As a STEAM toy BAKOBA supports the development of Engineering, Art, and Mathematics skills.

barn leger med bakoba
  • “‚ĶFirst, they followed the build-guides and after that the children examined how they could put the parts together into something new. They experimented with whether they had built the base stable enough so that it did not fall over. If it collapsed, the children worked together to build a more stable foundation.”

    Dorthe Gudiksen

    Kindergarten Teacher in ‚ÄĚKindergarten Egetr√¶et‚ÄĚ, Middelfart, Denmark
  • “BAKOBA works tremendously well and makes practically no noise when played with. Even with a lot of children playing with BAKOBA at the same time, you do not get the noise you get from ordinary plastic building blocks ... BAKOBA is absolutely an innovative construction toy, and it is very good for the children's imagination.”

    Britta Larsen

    ‚Äď Kindergarten Teacher in ‚ÄĚKindergarten Elmebo‚ÄĚ, Solr√łd Strand, Denmark
  • “The BAKOBA construction toy is an excellent tool for children of all ages‚Ķ. The free play and creative sense that the toy initiates is great for the children‚Ķ. They do not think about what to build, but just start putting the pieces together, and it gives a tremendous motivation for free play that everyone can enjoy.”

    Peter Fromm

    Teacher at ‚ÄĚPTU‚ÄĚ in Gentofte, Denmark
  • “The soft foam building blocks are great for our kindergarten. They make no noise and we can easily clean them in the washing machine‚Ķ and of course, it is always great fun for the children to play with.”

    Eva Sæderup

    Kindergarten Teacher in ‚ÄúKindergarten Sdr. Skovvej‚ÄĚ, Aalborg, Denmark
  • “The BAKOBA box we ordered was the Jumbo Set and we like it a lot. Our kids in kindergarden are having a lot of fun trying and building again and again.”

    Jeannette Keil

    Purchasing Manager at Klax Kindergarten Berlin