What is BAKOBA

BAKOBA is the Danish reinvention of the good old building blocks. You know, the ones that you played with for hours and hours as a kid, building and creating whatever came to your mind.

However, BAKOBA is different from other construction toys. Unlike other construction toys BAKOBA lets you build in all directions. BAKOBA is designed and developed to enhance children's imagination, creativity and motor skills. BAKOBA lets you build almost anything you can imagine. You can build your own world and create your own adventures.

You can build your own world and create your own adventures.

What makes BAKOBA special

With BAKOBA children have endless possibilities of creating and building whatever they like; from the very simple to the very complex. Our aim is to enable children to have the best playing experience possible. That is why we made BAKOBA in such a way that it connects with the leading construction toy brands - toys that most children already have in their rooms.

With BAKOBA children are not stuck in a toy world created by adults, they can create their own world and adventures with the construction toys of their choice. There are no instructions needed to play with BAKOBA. Children react intuitively to BAKOBA and immediately start playing; making everything from planes, cars and ships to airports and knight’s castles. Everything you imagine is possible!

Material and Construction

BAKOBA is designed and developed in Denmark. It is made from a non-toxic foam that is recommended for making toys by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. The building blocks are flexible and durable and come in various shapes and sizes.

The foam is tested free from phthalates and there are no toxic dyes in the toy. The foam is soft so children won't hurt each other with it. At the same time it is sturdy enough to maintain its shape when children build with it. BAKOBA can be turned and twisted, but will eventually find back to its original shape. BAKOBA is made of soft and noise dampening materials that keeps your children safe and you sane. Furthermore the foam is water resistant, which makes it possible to play with BAKOBA in the water. You can even wash it in the washing machine at 30 degrees celcius (86 degrees fahrenheit), gentle wash.

The Story of BAKOBA

It all began with a fascination of the old construction toy Mekano. We loved the fact that you could build whatever you wanted. The only downside was that you would always end up with some kind of skeleton, no matter how good your building abilities are.

We therefore set out to make a toy that would have endless construction possibilities and at the same time would give the construction a BODY. After trying with modules made of wood we started to work with different types of foam. We made a wide range of different modules and we started to test them at childcare centers. The children loved the toy, but we thought that the modules were too big, which restricted the building possibilities. The modules were scaled down and now the functionality was perfect.

But we had one more vision. We wanted to make BAKOBA in such a way that it could connect with other leading construction toys - toys that most children already have in their rooms. We therefore created small holes in BAKOBA and developed the connection piece that made it possible to invite other toys to integrate with BAKOBA.