Hjernesagen (The Danish Stroke Association) and BAKOBA have initiated a cooperation to help people rehabilitate from and prevent brain damages.

Hjernesagen is a Danish association for people affected by damages to the brain; coronary thrombosis, a cerebral haemorrhage, other people with brain damage, their relatives and persons interested.

Hjernesagen works hard to inform and help all of us to better protect our brains – to prevent the brain from getting ill and to exercise the brain so it stays fit throughout life.

BAKOBA wants to help their good cause. BAKOBA activates both body and brain through play and joy. At the same time BAKOBA exercises and challenges the children’s and adults’ creativity and motor skills – all for the benefit of the health of our brains.
BAKOBA supports the good cause by participating in events and donating toys to Hjernesagen to help them with their great work.

"Det gode liv sidder i hjernen" - "The good life is in the brain"

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary is the patroness of The Danish Stroke Association.

prinsesse mary

The Crown Princess’ dedication has great value for The Danish Stroke Association's work and helps to bring focus on what it is like to live with the consequences after a brain injury. It means a lot to The Danish Stroke Association that the Crown Princess attend the events and support the cause.