Creative Box – 178 Pices

Creative Box – 178 Pices

Creative Box – 178 Pices

Creative box – 176 Building Parts: Creativity and Learning in One Package!

Make every day a learning adventure with BAKOBA’s Creative box! This special box contains 176 building blocks that inspire preschoolers to explore, create and learn through play. With the possibility for three children or groups to play at the same time, it not only promotes cooperation but also social development Discover a world of creativity and learning – welcome to BAKOBA’s Creative box!


  • 12 easy-to-understand building instructions all buildable at the same time.
  • Components that combine quality, comfort and safety, ideal for small hands.
  • Included storage bag allows for easy machine washing.


  • Greater number of blocks = Greater number of possibilities
  • More than 100+ different guides can be built out of this Creative box

Find even more inspiration for the builds at Invest in children’s creative and motor development with Learning box – where play and learning go hand in hand!

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