Building Base Geeen / Blue

Building Base Geeen / Blue

Building Base Geeen / Blue

375,00 kr.


The BAKOBA Building Base is the perfect supplement for those who already have BAKOBA at home or are planning to buy it.

The BAKOBA Building Base consists of 4 soft and durable foam mats, which can be put together into one large play area. The building base works as a play mat, ensuring a comfortable and safe playing environment.

The holes in the mats are also compatible with the BAKOBA building blocks, meaning that the children can use the Building Base as a foundation for their constructions. The youngest kids can train their fine motor skills by simply putting the BAKOBA bricks into the holes, while the bigger kids can build tall towers and other mega-constructions. At the same time, the soft surface stimulates children’s tactile senses.

The BAKOBA Building Base is compatible with all other BAKOBA boxes.

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