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Discover Endless Possibilities with Our Three Distinct Varieties of Educational Sets!:

Learning Boxes     -     Creative Boxes     -     Playground Box

What solutions does BAKOBA create

Durable material

We understand that kids can be rough with their toys, so we've crafted BAKOBA® to endure countless hours of enjoyment.

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Noise-Free Environment

BAKOBA®’s noise-free environment enhances teamwork, making it super easy to play together!

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Easily Washable

With BAKOBA, you're not just getting a high-quality product, but also an efficient and low-maintenance addition to your daily life.

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STEM.ORG Certified

As a STEAM toy BAKOBA® supports the development of Engineering, Art, and Mathematics skills.

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Learning Boxes

  • Unlock a World of Imagination and Learning!
  • Each box is brimming with diverse building blocks, allowing multiple children to simultaneously craft various or similar figures.
  • From simple shapes to advanced creations, children can embark on a collaborative and individual learning journey, honing skills essential to unleash their inner creativity!

See more about the variations of BAKOBA Learning Boxes here:

Learning Box for 3     -     Learning Box for 5

Creative Boxes

  • Unleash their creativity.
  • The CRATIVE Boxes contain large assortments of building blocks that empower children to explore and expand their creative horizons.
  • Building guides are made with durability and easy cleaning in mind.
  • Get inspired by + 100 building instructions.

See more about the variations of BAKOBA Creative Boxes here:

Creative Box     -     Creative Mega Box

Playground Boxes

  • A Collective Journey of Creation!
  • With PLAYGROUND, witness the transformation of individual building blocks and collective efforts into expansive play environment.
  • The Creative Box is at the heart of this journey, a source where individual creativity fuels collective exploration and joy.

See more about the BAKOBA Playground Box here:

Playground Box

skumlegetøj kreativt legetøj 2 år Certified

As a STEM toy, BAKOBA supports the development of Engineering, Art, and Mathematics skills.
BAKOBA is recognized for contributing to children's learning and development.

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